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We carry quality bulk, grocery, baking, dairy, and speciality items from brands you trust, including Hudson Cream Flour, Troyers Cheese, Bob's Red Mill, Stash Tea, and Jake & Amos. We also proudly feature products made in Kansas, including Jackson Meats, Helmuth dry goods, Ropps' baked goods, German Kettle Korn, Tuckerbee's Raw Honey, and more. 

The Photos below are just a sampling of the products that we have in the store. For Specific product information, please call us at 620-662-2875. Even if we don’t have the product, we will be happy to check to see if it is available for you!

 Baking and Spices

Flours • Sugars • Geltatin & Pudding

Sprinkles & Baking Chips • Pie Filling

Herbs & Spices • Extracts & Oils 

 Meal Builders

Homemade Noodles • Soup Bases

Jar Goods & Jellies • Soup & Dip Mixes

Condiments • Pasta • Beans • Rice


Cereal • Baking Mixes • Grains

Maple Syrup • Honey

Stash Tea • Coffee


Mixes • Thickeners • Vinegar

Ultra Gel • Mrs. Wages


Gluten Free • Sugar Free • Organic

Trim Healthy Mama • Lily's Chocolate


Chips • Pretzels • Snack Mixes

Popcorn • Dip Mixes


Bulk Candy & Chocolate

Dried Fruit • Old Fashioned Candy

Salt Water Taffy • Nuts


Bulk Cheeses & Meats

Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Troyer Dairy • Jackson Meats

Premium Bottled Sodas & Teas

Kansas Products

Helmuth Bakery Products

Homemade Noodles & Angel Food Cake

Tuckerbee Honey • German Kettle Korn

Joyce's Canned Chicken & Beef