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Trim Healthy Mama Pure Stevia Extract Powder 4oz


We are proud to stamp our name on our Pure Stevia Extract Powder!

This pure stevia extract IS NOT an artificial or chemical sweetener. Our extract is made from the non-bitter, naturally occurring, sweet component of the herb stevia – a glycoside called Rebaudioside A. This naturally sweet component is isolated from the stevia leaf, using a gentle water extraction process. We carefully monitored the process from leaf to powder and you can be assured that no bleaching occurs, nor are any unhealthy chemicals used.

There are two ways our stevia stands apart. Most stevia extracts on the market use lower concentrations of Rebiana A (the sweetest part of the leaf) which results in that bitter taste we all want to avoid. Of course, this is cheaper for the company but if you despise a bitter-sweet flavor in treats – us too! Blech! Our extract has the highest potency of Rebiana A available – 99%.

Our stevia is also so minimally processed, it has not even been granulated which means it remains as a fine white powder. – like a dust. In the world of stevia products, this is rather non-conventional, but we wanted to bring you the most natural and minimally processed product possible. When you receive your stevia pouch, tap it on your counter a few times then zip the seal closed before tearing the tab as the powder likes to plume a little when first opened.

Our Pure Stevia Extract Powder puts desserts and sweets back on the YES list for those who want to lose weight or watch their blood sugar. It is a zero-calorie sweetener and does not raise blood sugar levels. It is considered safe and even beneficial for diabetics or those who suffer from hypoglycemia.

Out of all our Trim Healthy Mama sweeteners, the pure extract is the most economical if you are pinching pennies. A little goes a long way. You only need a few dashes doonks in your smoothies or single-serve muffins. Larger cakes may only need ½ to ¾ tsp. to sweeten the entire cake. Start with a very small amount, taste test, then add more if needed.

We made sure the extract you hold in your hand is non-GMO, USDA certified organic, and is GMP and FDA compliant.


Ingredients: Organic Stevia Extract Powder
Certified ORGANIC by BCS Oko-Garantie GmbH

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, eggs, and wheat.