Bulk Foods

  Glenn's Bulk Food Shoppe carries a wide variety of products! 

We strive to bring you quality products from small to large quantities. 


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We carry various types of flours, sugars, oats, spices, cheeses, canning supplies, Gluten-Free products, Natural Foods, teas, coffee, cappuccino, meats, fruits, vegetables, salsa, jam, jelly, popcorn, bulk snacks, bulk candies, cooking utensils and gadgets, knives and much much more.

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IMG 0354 Our Brands include but are not limited to Hudson Cream Flour, C&H Sugars, Troyers Cheese, Vern's Cheese Curds, Ball Canning Supplies, Bob's Red Mill, Stash Tea, Yoder Meats, Jackson Meats, Sysco Frozen Fruit and Vegetables, Yoder Popcorn, Weaver Popcorn, Jake & Amos, Amish Wedding, Strong Tower Coffee, Helm's Sugar Shack Pure Maple Syrup, Tuckerbee's Raw Honey, Norpro Kitchen Untensils, Nordic Ware Bake Ware, Rada Knives. IMG 0769


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Everyday Great Products


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