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Trim Healthy Mama Milk Chocolate Butterfly Bar 1oz


You get to eat smooth, velvety milk chocolate while you break from your cocoon of extra pounds (and the health issues that come with them) and spread your wings! The butterfly on each bar represents your metamorphosis. You’re breaking the chains of food bondage and emerging as a new lighter, healthier, happier creature… and now you get to eat chocolate while the journey unfolds!

The Trim Healthy Milk Chocolate Butterfly Bar is unlike any other. Boasting just 2 T.R.U.E. net carbs, this bar contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners, so extra pounds and unhealthy toxins are outta here! There are no cheap fillers like soy, dextrin or inulin in the ingredients that mess with your blood sugar, bloat your tummy, muck up your hormones or cause a chalky texture.

The Butterfly Bar is perfectly packaged as a fun and full one serving size, but it is so satisfying you may be content eating just half and saving the rest for later. Just know that whether you eat half or the whole… you’ll be indulging in the most pure and highest quality chocolate you can find.
Eat to Fly!


Ingredients: Chocolate Liqueur, Cocoa butter, Heavy Cream Powder, Erythritol, Whole Milk Powder, Hemp Protein Powder, Allulose, Sunflower Lecithin, Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Stevia Extract Powder

Allergen Information: Manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, eggs, wheat, almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, peanuts, and coconut.

Contains: Milk